About Us

At Scitru, we care about the truth. We realize it's hard to find, so we build tools that allow people to separate fact from fiction. We were tired of seeing people muddy the tubes of the internet with deliberately manufactured misinformation. So we decided to do something about it. Our mission: to make the internet trustworthy.

Kyle Ellefsen

Kyle is a 6th year PhD candidate studying neuroscience at University of California, Irvine. He started graduate school because he wanted to uncover truths about how the brain works. During graduate school he realized that while science is a powerful mechanism for discovery, the outdated mechanisms of sharing those scientific discoveries - relying on closed, tight-knit specialist communities interfacing with elite publishers and government agencies - is an impediment to scientific progress in this age of increasing democratization of information. Kyle started Scitru in order to connect scientists directly with the public and with each other, so scientists can focus more on doing trustworthy science and less on branding themselves as trustworthy. You can contact him at kyle@scitru.com.