The Online Network of Trust

How to use Scitru

1) Get the Chrome Extension

Scitru works as a Chrome Extension. Once you have it, you can log in to Scitru using your Facebook, Reddit, or Twitter account.

2) Browse Social Media

As you search the internet, a trust bubble will show up next to users names, color coded based on how much Scitru has calculated you should trust them.

3) Set Trustworthiness and Certainty

Click on the trust bubbles to manually set how much you trust users and how confident you are about that rating. This will expand your trust network, allowing you to be more confident in the trust ratings.

Speedy Setup

8 seconds. That's how long it takes to start using Scitru. No email or password required.

Privacy Protected

Scitru will never share your trust values with anyone.

Free Forever

Scitru will never charge users.

Get the Chrome Extension

Scitru works as a Google Chrome extension on Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter. Download the Chrome extension, log in with your Facebook, Reddit, or Twitter account (or all three!).